Dublin Sound Lab commissions*

• Peter Ablinger, Violine Und Rauschen ("Veronica") (violin and CD)

• Peter Ablinger, Orgel Und Weltempfänger (organ and FM-receiver)
• Peter Ablinger, Three Places Dublin (five players and three spaces)
• J.S. Bach, Movements from Goldberg Variations (harpsichord solo)

• Richard Bailie, Three Suns (violin cello + electronics)
• Gerald Barry, Sur les Pointes (harpsichord)

• Ed Bennett, I Need This (soprano and tape)

• David Bremner, * Interior Designs (for organ and electronics)
• Rob Canning, * 53.342916 -6.269724 <-> 53.344252 -6.269788, Wed Nov 21 
20:XX:XX UTC 2012 (for organ, secondary acoustic and bidirectional audio stream)

• Rob Canning, * Responses (ambulatory ensemble, bi-directional network streams, live electronics, improvisers)

• Rob Casey, Think David (walkman + cello)
• Ann Cleare, IRK (violin and live electronics)

Ann Cleare, I am not a clockmaker either (harpsichord and live electronics), 2009
• Nick Collins, Suite with Interruptions (harpsichord and computer)

• Brian Connolly, Waves (violin, cello + electronics)
• Cătălin Creţu, Inner Dust (interactive video, audio, dance)
• Elis Czerniak, historical memories, personal memories, present memories (for prepared piano and live electronics)*
• Fergal Dowling, Ground (organ, multichannel fixed media and live electronics)

• Fergal Dowling, Sketch (actor, viola, harpsichord and computer)

• Fergal Dowling, Stops I (organ, violin, double bass, and computer)

• Fergal Dowling, Stops V (harpsichord and computer)

• Fergal Dowling, Stops VI Imitation of Christ (flute, bassoon, harpsichord and computer and surround sound)

• Fergal Dowling, Stops
 VIII (violin, harpsichord and computer), 2014
• Fergal Dowling, * Three Reconstructions (five instruments, computer and reverberant space)
• Julio d'Escrivan, reGoldberg (harpsichord and computer)

• Karlheinz Essl, el-emen' (percussion and live electronics)

• Karlheinz Essl, more or less (for computer-controlled soloists)

• Karlheinz Essl, Sequitur I (flute and live electronics)

• Karlheinz Essl, Sequitur-III (violin and computer)
• Karlheinz Essl, Sequitur IV (cello and live electronics)
• Karlheinz Essl, Sequitur XI (vibraphone and live electronics) 

• Karlheinz Essl, Improvisation I (m@ze°2)

• Karlheinz Essl, Improvisation II (m@ze°2)

• Karlheinz Essl, Improvisation III (m@ze°2)

• Karlheinz Essl, blurred (flute, cello, percussion and live electronics)

• Karlheinz Essl, Fontana Mixer (generative sound environment)
• Amanda Feery, Blessed Damned (cello + electronics)
• Luca Francesconi, Animus II (viola and electronics)
• Gérard Grisey, Prologue (viola and electronics)
• Jonathan Harvey, Mortuos Plango Vivos Voco (8-track tape)

• Piaras Hoban, * magic birth / magia figura (harpsichord and live electronics)

• Piaras Hoban, * earth mutter: pray: no sense, only fuck (fixed media)
• Francis Heery, …the straight and narrow… (for prepared piano and live electronics)*
• Mauricio Kagel, Raga (organ)

• Mauricio Kagel, Rossignols (organ)

• Garth Knox, Viola Spaces (viola)
• John Lely, Part Music for Violin (for violin and mono audio)
• Roderik de Man, Spazio Piccolo (violin solo)
Scott McLaughlin, Primes (violin and live electronics)

Scott McLaughlin, Bifurcations in a Continuous System (MIDI keyboard, computer), 2011
Gráinne Mulvey, Aeolus (surround sound)
• Gráinne Mulvey, * Streetorgsounds (organ and fixed media)

• Gráinne Mulvey, * Resounding Waves (flute, clarinet, horn and two trumpets)
• Gráinne Mulvey, Syzygy (cello + electronics)
Gráinne Mulvey, Perihelion/Aphelion (violin and fixed media), 2012
• Anna Murray, Switches (violin + electronics)
• Jonathan Nangle, dying from the moment it's struck (8-channel 'tape')

• Jonathan Nangle,* untitled (after Dan Flavin) (tape and computer-controlled lights)
• Karen Power, Cows, Coffee, Birds, Bees and a New Room (double bass and CD)
• Railton/Corker, Improvisation (cello, oscillator, lock-grooves, delay lines and ring modulators)
• Ailis Ni Riain, 2 Steep 4 Sheep (harpsichord and tape)

• Judith Ring, Mouthpiece (soprano and tape)

• Jean-Claude Risset, Pentacle (harpsichord and 8-channel 'tape')

• Diana Rotaru, Ani-motions (flute, bassoon, tape, dance, video)

• Wim de Ruiter, Whim (violin and organ)
• Kaija Saariaho, Jardin Secret II (harpsichord and 4-channel 'tape')

• Kaija Saariaho, Vent Nocturne (viola and electronics)

• Kaija Saariaho, Journey (tape)

• Kaija Saariaho, Gates (flute, harpsichord, cello, electronics)

• Kaija Saariaho, …de la Terre (violin, electronics)

• Kaija Saariaho, Forest (percussion, harpsichord, synthesizer, sampler, viola, cello

• Kaija Saariaho, Window (tape)

• Kaija Saariaho, Fall (harp, electronics)

• Kaija Saariaho, Aer (percussion, harp, harpsichord, synthesizer, sampler, viola, cello, violin, flute, electronics)

• Donal Sarsfield, The Luc Ferrari Piece (fixed media), 2012
• Giacinto Scelsi, Duo (violin and cello)
• Nissim Schaul, Harpsichord Swirl (multichannel fixed media)

• Salvatore Sciarrino, Tre notturni brillanti (viola)
• Karen Tanaka, Wave Mechanics II (violin and tape)

• Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Flypaper (fixed media)
• Barry Truax, Riverrun (8-track tape)
• Sabina Ulubeanu, *...of tears and dewdrops – Passacaglia 
(flute, bassoon, harpsichord, video, live electronics)

Dublin Sound Lab commission