for Joao Pedro Oliveira

Joao Pedro Oliveira Joao Pedro Oliveira, photo credit, Debra Herrick

Dublin Sound Lab is delighted to announce the annual Music Current commission for 2023 has been offered to João Pedro Oliveira. Joao Pedro will write a new work for violin and clarinet/bass clarinet with electronics and video projection, to be performed at Music Current Festival 2024.

The commission is offered annually as part of Music Current Festival, with the newly commissioned work being prepared for the following year’s festival. Previous commissioned composers include: Anna Murray (Ire), Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece), Patricia Martinez (Argentina), Silvia Rosani (Italy), Alessandro Massobrio (Italy/Germany), Brona Martin (Ire), and Seán O'Dálaigh (Ire).

The selection panel was struck by João Pedro's concise proposal to integrate image and sound through gestural interactions.

"I am delighted to receive the Music Current Commission award 2023-2024. It will be a pleasure and honor to work with the ensemble in a new piece for clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, electronics and video. In this piece I intend to explore possible organic connections between the gestural contents of the instrumental part, the electronics and the visuals. This piece will be a pretext to deepen my research on synaesthetic relations between sounds and images. I also want to thank the Music Current Festival for considering the programming of my piece in April 2024."

Learn more about João Pedro's work and music at: